Windwalkers Therapeutic Horse Selection

JackThe Ideal WindWalkers Horse

The ideal WindWalkers horse is between the ages of 7 and 18 and between 14 to 15.5 hands tall. He/she should have a quiet, gentle manner. WWs requires that all horses have moderate to significant training, be comfortable in indoor/outdoor arenas, easy to lead, comfortable with multiple people around them and not likely to spook.

Our horses are asked to walk and trot regularly and to canter occasionally, therefore we need horses that are sound. The horse should be able to work up to 4 days per week, 3 sessions per day. For further details on our horse selection process and if you have a horse you would like to donate to our program, please call Katy Parr or Beth Gusik at 970-963-2909.

Therapeutic Horse Selection Process

Prior to accepting a horse for trial as a therapeutic riding horse, WindWalkers will take the following steps:

Step 1: A phone interview with the owner to discuss the horse’s abilities, personality, training and soundness. At this time, we will notify the owner of our process. The phone interview can be done by any WindWalkers staff person with follow-up as necessary by the Equine Specialist. Staff will complete the phone interview form and it will become part of the horse’s permanent record.

Step 2: A WindWalkers team (not less than two people, of which one is a WWs staff person) will do an off-site visit to evaluate and ride the horse. The owner will be given a WindWalkers information packet and a copy of the trial period agreement. Staff will complete the off-site evaluation form for the horse’s record.

Step 3: Good candidates for the program will need to have a Vet soundness check (at the owner’s expense). If the horse passes the Vet check, a current Coggins test (within six-months) will be required prior to the horse coming onto the Ranch. Additionally, the horse’s hooves need to be in good condition, preferably having seen a farrier in the past 30 days. If farrier work is required prior to our trying the horse for the program, the owner will be responsible for that expense.

Step 4: The horse will come to WindWalkers for a 60 day trial. Staff will complete the Trial Horse Evaluation Forms.