Therapeutic Riding

Equine Assisted Therapy

At WindWalkers, we strive to be a center of the highest quality dedicated to improving the physical well-being, behavioral development, and emotional health of clients and families. WindWalkers uses the movement, power and intuition of horses to enhance lives. At the core of our organization is a family-centric approach that recognizes that a challenge or disability doesn’t only affect the individual but impacts every member of their family.


WindWalkers’  follows all the standards and safety protocols of PATH, Intl (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship), hires only certified instructors and adheres to their high standards and the guidelines insisted upon for quality programming.

 Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy

Equine Therapies are proven to generate rapid and effective physical, behavioral, and emotional growth through increased neurological stimulation. Horse activities positively address a wide variety of conditions; physical, emotional, behavioral, social and educational.  Equine activities build horsemanship skills, provide a fun recreational experience, build self-confidence, improve independence and teach responsibility for our clients.

Please contact our program office for more information. 970-962-0583