” This past summer we had a 4 year old boy  in our autism camp- who had his first horse back riding experience at WindWalkers. The WindWalkers staff is wonderful and carrying and their expertise made it a perfect experience for such a young first-timer. His parents were thrilled for his love for this new activity and are searching in California to make sure he grows in his confidence and love for being active.”  says, Challenge Aspen, REC Program Director, Deb Gravelle


” I’ve witnessed a young boy , too shy to speak, blossom after 3 sessions and begin telling his stories; now he approaches his weekly sessions with a smile and eager to tell the events of the week. No one leaves unchanged.” exclaims, Myriah Walker, In Home Services Manager, Mountain Valley Developmental Services


The adolescents from YRC are able to participate in ground activities with WindWalkers’ horses in a way that allows them to create insight into their own recovery process!  It has always been a magical for both the youth and for the therapeutic assistants……Life skills such as their ability to emotionally attach, their communication, problem solving and assertiveness skills are just a few of the pearls available for personal review and a more profound development. I always look forward to working with both the amazing staff and the magical horses of WindWalkers.” — Karen Courtney, RN Facilitator of YRC, CAC II and EAP Facilitator editor's Letter