Support WindWalkers

Donation Opportunities


WindWalkers Benefactors:

Grand Champions Circle Cumulative gifts totaling $100,000 or more
Champions Circle Cumulative gifts totaling $25,000 or more
Champions Council Annual gifts of $5,000 or more

Join Our Horseshoe Club

For businesses and individuals who would like to be regular members of the WindWalkers family, and can contribute $250-$1,000, we have our Horseshoe Club. An annual donation helps with our ongoing expenses – ranch operation and maintenance, horse care and feed, and, of course, staff care and feed!


Undesignated Gifts:

A gift for use in our areas of greatest need.

This type of donation, in any amount, allows WindWalkers the most flexibility in using your donation. We will use these gifts for rider scholarships, administrative expenses, equipment purchases, and more.


Scholarships for WindWalkers’ Clients. Many of our challenged clients’ families are also challenged financially. You can designate your gift for a specific rider or for any rider in need

One Session                              $75
One Rider for One Unit (8 weeks):        $600        (1 session per week)
One Rider for One Year (42 weeks):     $3,150       (1 session per week at $75/session)
Most Riders* for One Unit (8 Weeks):   $6,000      (*Scholarship requests average between $5 – 7K per unit)


Supplements annually:              $240
Farrier annually:                   $450
Board and Feed annually:          $3,240
Total Support for one year:     $3,930

Retired Horse Fund                     $200 (Monthly Care for our 2 faithful, retired herd members!)

Operational Expenses:

A bit “dull” but essential for our organization!

Workmen’s Comp Insurance Annually                   $16,000
Liability Insurance Annually                      $2,100